In our first of the IN/OUT Chelsea interview series, we headed down to Sloane Square to interview the fertility and pregnancy guru, Emma Cannon. Not only a practitioner but a well-recognised expert and author in her field, Emma gladly shared her thoughts on our shared neighbourhood.

Emma Cannon

Have you always lived/worked in Chelsea?

I lived in Chelsea for many years, had my first baby in Chelsea and married in the Physics Gardens. I don't live here anymore but I have my fertility practice, The Fertility Rooms, here in Sloane Square.

The Fertility Rooms, Sloane Square

What do you love/dislike about the neighbourhood?

I have always loved it, although it has changed a lot since the 1980s when I first came to London. The punks on the King's Road and all the fashion and music history have always intrigued me. I love the medical history; there are many mainstream hospitals in Chelsea and then there is the Physics Garden which is the oldest Apothecaries' garden founded in 1973. I love the feel of Chelsea; the establishment next to the bohemian and artistic. It has always been home to that quintessential English mix that makes it so interesting. You can imagine in the 60s the mix of politicians and rock stars socialising and behaving disgracefully together.

Physics Garden

Who serves the best coffee?

I don't drink coffee

How has it changed since you first started working/living there?

It has changed a lot though and for me now is not badly behaved or rock and roll anymore. It has lost its edge, rather like Notting Hill, due to the people who live here now. It’s only the very rich who can afford to live in Chelsea and so it is not nearly so colourful. So - yes it has changed so much, but I do still love it, probably because the houses and buildings don't change so they hold some of the energy of the past.

Favourite boutiques (other than Biondi of course)?

I am very loyal and I need to like the people I give my money to. I love Chloe and Marni – and Wilde Ones on the Kings Road which I know it is not a boutique but I have shopped there for more than 20 years.

Wild Ones on Kings Road

Dinner date venue?

Zianni - I have been going there since I was 18 - so that’s 30 years!

Best-kept secret?

Physics Garden for a potter and an afternoon spent with a loved one - preferably with a picnic on a blanket

What would you change about the area?

Ok so it is a bit rude but since I have loved this area for a long time I am quite protective. SO, I would get rid of the people with over sized cars (and egos), who have an over developed sense of entitlement - it's just not very English to be like that ! I can't stand people who think they are more important than other people. Sadly Chelsea is full of people like this now.

Favourite Chelseaite?

Catherine Parr

Last holiday?


Best beach (in the world)?

A secret beach in Provence called Luberon which is part of an estate where they also make incredible rosé - what a combination excellent rosé and an amazing beach. There is public beach next door called L'Estagnol which is where they filmed the Bounty advert in the 1970s.

Plage Estagnol