Lucky enough to escape London over the Christmas period, we tracked down Claudine the moment she set foot back in the UK to ask her just how she had spent her time in Thailand:

Why Thailand? A family Christmas in the sun is so much less stressful! Christmas and New Year were spent in the most stunning villa in Phuket with both my family and my husband’s staying only 10 minutes away.

Which parts of the country did you visit? Other than Phuket, I particularly love Phang Nga Bay so we stayed on the island of Koh Yao Noi (famous for Six Senses) for a couple of days and did the most amazing boat tour.

Was it all relaxation or did you work a little? When you have your own business, holiday always means some work. This year I actually did more work than usual as Biondi is stocked by Amanpuri (Phuket) so it was a great opportunity to get their feedback and get involved in some staff training. I was also on the lookout for new products of the boutique while developing my manufacturing contacts.

What makes for a perfect holiday? For me, it’s being able to spend more time with my husband and daughter. A bit of sun, sea and sand helps though.

Beach or pool? I used to be all about the beach but these days we just find it easier with Amalia to be by the pool, as it is easier to stay in the shade. Saying that, the beaches in Thailand remind me just how beautiful a beach can be.

Book or music? Neither – Kindle! I do love the feel of holding paper in my hand but had to switch to Kindle as I read very fast and my husband refused to pack all my books. My favourite book this trip was probably The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair – light reading for holiday but equally gripping at the same time.

Favourite cocktail? Without a doubt the Lychee Mojito – they do this at The Surin where my husband and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. Needless to say we drank quite a few.

Any retail therapy? Of course! Both for myself and Biondi. I did a fair bit of research into the Singapore market too as we are always looking for opportunities for trunk shows and pop-up stores.

Go-to every day outfit? I loved my Biondi Vipera playsuit – I wore it to most of my business meetings and also dressed it up for the evening. It’s been one of our best sellers this season.

Evening glam? I love a glam evening outfit but it just isn’t done in Thailand. I barely wore shoes let alone heels.

Best meal? My favourite meal was without doubt at The Surin for our anniversary – the setting is breathtaking and the food amazing. Taste on Surin Beach is also an exceptionally good restaurant and we ate there numerous times.

Can’t leave the island without? I love Lemongrass products and their Pomelo (a Thai fruit a bit like grapefruit) Pillow Scent is a big favourite. I stocked up for my friends’ birthdays too!

Next trip? Skiing in Austria in March and we’re also planning a Summer adventure travelling around Puglia.