With Summer less than a 100 days away, the team here at Biondi Couture has decided that now is the time to start prepping our bodies for the summer. So, with the help of some of the UK’s best trainers, we will ensure you look sensational in your Biondi beachwear this year. Break the Cycle The hardest part when starting a new exercise regime is exactly that… starting! Rather than making excuses and agonising over it, Rebecca Gentry from exclusive London gym, Bodyism says "commit to your goal and the path you have chosen to get there." Rebecca believes that commitment is half the battle. Training hard Slow and Steady Wins the Race Leading London trainer, Dan Roberts says you should ease yourself in gently. “Remind your body that it wants to move. Do a class with a colleague from work or go for jog at the weekend. The most important thing is to remind your body that it likes moving as doing things you enjoy is the first step.” Mix it Up Russell Bateman, the founder and brainchild behind the Skinny Bitch Collective, the hottest (literally!) training regime around achieves outstanding results for his celebrity clients. Bateman discourages his clients to "go into a gym and spend hours on an x trainer." He believes long cardio sessions is "like going to the Tate Gallery and spending your duration queuing at the cloakroom". He suggests mixing it up and embracing primal movements which will hone and tone your body while increasing fat burn. Ying & Yang There is no point putting 100% into your exercise regime only to undo it all with a poor diet. Nadya Fairweather from U – shape who helped Princess Beatrice transform her body shape says ""Nourish your body with delicious unprocessed foods which will help you not hinder you. Exercising should be part of your everyday life so complementing it with the proper nutrients should go hand in hand."
 Healthy eating Last but not least... Invest in some stunning swimwear such as Biondi Namaqua Tri Bikini and you’re unlikely to fall of the exercise wagon. Visualise yourself on the beach and you are more likely to feel motivated. Biondi Namaqua Tri Bikini *Images courtesy of Life of Yablon