268368550ae7e84ddb596d36bdbcfa13fe358d8708ea7ddac66e327b4b23b18353ed345f Dear Friend You’ll be pleased to hear that I am finally on that much-deserved holiday I have been hankering after. The boutique and website have been SO hectic all summer and I honestly thought we’d never make it away ourselves. Anyway, we made out to the sunny Algarve and I can slowly feel myself unwind!

67919092d07122a07de2ecbc26883e8ba3c077e8e22eae77cc7878bfe3bfb7c45b62648f You remember my brother, Adam? Well, he’s with us as he too as he needed some time away and so we said he could be our ‘manny’! So, we’re in Martinhal in the Algarve where there just happens to be a Biondi boutique! Don’t despair, I AM relaxing but it’s great to see how the brand is working out here and my picks for the resort seem to be going down well. 021730942f38a1a0f98c7d13c0c47527ad0f6422956dedfdc305f7b589788421e91d78dd The resort is quite brilliant for kids. This time we decided to try a village house instead of the hotel and I must admit it is definitely the right decision when holidaying with a little one.  It has everything we could possibly need and Amalia is already calling it ‘home’!  Mind you, we don’t spend much time there, as we are always out and about. 93198837f6f4afdf38910b4b8ab65625e7e7a28c9e4aff83ae80f585af3f99189323e99a I have spent most of my time chilling by the pool with Amalia while spying on the Biondi purchases from behind my sunglasses! I am quite impressed actually that the Anya Hindmarch bags have gone down so well here – I must remember to send more styles and colours next year! 031955519653f6eac98c56c53026729ca1242deff53a6abdd8513e6730f897c38ad03e97 Of course Thorsten has been Mr Active and has tried out ALL of the facilities- surfing, biking, padel tennis – not forgetting a regular massage in the spa! 87313944c1a1b1a314d1d4ac2af2efddf6f1aea294060a25fa26193af4f619562b7da6cd So all in all we are relaxing and holidaying pretty well here! And I tried to unwind and not focus too much on the launch of our new Biondi collection and the next season’s challenges! See you for a big cup of coffee once I’m back. Lots of love Claudine xxx