Winter sun on my lunchbreak! Biondi's in-house designer, Aliya hit the shores of Cannes early this month for the Mare di Moda trade show.  Focussing on European beachwear and underwear fabrics collections, she was dying to go and source new fabrics and accessories. Boulevard de la Croisette Designing has already started for spring 2015 - and the pressure is on to make the next collection EVEN more fabulous! The Trade show by the beach I like working with European fabrics as they are especially luxurious and  - as we are always focusing specifically on fit,  it's key that we use the best fabrics around. Detour to Monaco! I discovered some new accessory brands that I’m hoping to work with for the new range, I don’t want to give too much away but there will be some really opulent finishes and components in the next range. Visitors pass These trade shows are a great way for Biondi to keep up to date with new innovations in fabric technology and it’s also great for me to catch up with our favourite suppliers - off email!