5th -11th May is Sun Awareness week and this has got me thinking about how to keep our little ones safe in the sun. My daughter definitely did not get any of my Brazilian genes and is very pale. We all know that kids and suncream don’t match (& many a holiday is spent sprinting after them with a bottle of the dreaded white stuff) so I posed some key questions to the founders of Sunuva, Emily Cohen & Sabrina Naggar, for their take on safe fun in the sun.  With their own UV swimwear range and 6 kids between them, they know their stuff! IMG_9000 (3)   What’s the story behind Sunuva? We were on holiday and our kids Joshi and Ethan recognized each other in the pool from nursery and introduced us. We were both very frustrated with the lack of decent swimwear for kids and UV swimwear was all really ugly and un-stylish, we wanted to find both chic and UV protective swimwear for our kids and couldn't and so the idea was born. What is the difference between Sunuva and normal swimwear? All our swimwear is UV 50+  and is now endorsed and validated by the British Skin Foundation. Also all our prints are exclusively designed by us in house, the fabrics we use are of the highest quality and we continue to become known for our fun and bright prints.   sunuva kids Why is Sun Awareness week so important to Sunuva? Sadly skin cancer is growing and therefore awareness and education is key. The majority of sun damage occurs before the age of 13 so it’s vital to keep our kids safe in the sun. The British Skin Foundation validation for us is something we are very proud of and hope to help in growing awareness with Sun protection, What are your top safe sun care tips for parents taking their kids to sunny spots this summer? If its super hot we always put our kids in a rash vest – its so easy and you don’t need to keep running after them and re applying cream. Sunglasses are also really important especially as eye lids don’t get any sun protection on them as you wouldn’t want cream getting in their eyes. Buy a good cream with a high water resistance With all the recent press on suntan lotions and unsafe ingredients, which brands do you recommend? We really think it depends on your child and how sensitive or not they are to certain brands , it’s a real trial and error.  We like the Nivea for kids and we also like Lancaster sport for kids. I love Sunuva because it combines UPF protection with fun designs, where do you get your inspiration? From our travels around the world. Different beaches in different countries, Instagram, Magazines and generally keeping our eyes open. What are your top beach destinations for kids? Israel, so easy and so safe, Turkey the water is glorious and it is quite unspoilt where we go, Mauritius if you are lucky enough to get there is heaven on earth. What are your beach bag must-haves? Lancaster Sport spray (for us) a good book, a good sunglasses wiper/cleaner (ours constantly get covered in sun cream and sweaty marks), some healthy snacks (we always get a bit peckish) a bottle of water and our phones as we like to ready the Daily Mail App. What do you like to wear on the beach? A favourite bikini, cut off old denim shorts, vest top, Oliver Peoples’ sun glasses, and trusted Havaianas and our favourite Sunuva Beach Bag for all our bits.