The ‘Piscine Militor’ in Paris sees a grand reopening today as part of a luxury hotel and spa in the 16th arrondissement. The Molitor is significant as it is the infamous birthplace of the bikini! In 1946, Louis Réard took the world’s ‘smallest bathing suit’ and chopped the top off to create the ‘smaller than the smallest swimsuit’ stating that inspiration struck after seeing women rolling up their beachwear to get a more even tan. Réard searched for a brave woman to model the daring creation and found Michele Bernardini, a 19 year old nude dancer from the Casino de Paris. On 5th July 1946, the string bikini (measuring 30 square inches with a newspaper print) was ‘debuted at a fashion event at Piscine Molitor and declared a fabulous Parisian hit (especially amongst the male population). Réard’s design gave the bikini its name and business boomed as he pronounced a ‘genuine’ bikini could be pulled through a wedding ring.”   desktop   Perhaps we’ll put our Biondi designs to the test...!