I recently attended the brilliant SheerLuxe e-commerce conference where, during general chatter with my fellow attendees, I was asked why it is that women’s swimwear is expensive. I’ve been thinking this over ever since so here are my thoughts on why well-made swimwear is pricey but worth the investment!

  • Swimwear might be shaped like lingerie but has to contend with tough holiday conditions such as water, salt, sun light, sun cream & chlorine so it makes sense to opt for swimwear that uses quality fabric.
  • I know that high street brands do fun styles that can be bought by the handful for a relatively low price but you should always select fit over fashion. You will not look good if the suit does not fit properly and, as high street suits aren’t hard wearing, you’ll find yourself back in front of the racks in no time! You can recognize a well-made swimsuit by the look, fabric, finish, cut, fit, and print quality.
  • Swimsuits are very complicated garments to create. Producing even a simple swimsuit is as complex as constructing a dress and on a much smaller canvas!
  • All swimwear needs Lycra and this amazing stretchy fabric that shapes to your body is pricey! Well-made swimsuits have more Lycra so the end result is inevitably more expensive.
  • Those playful prints that we love to see on our swimwear also come at a cost. What are known in the industry as placement prints, (a print that isn’t repeated but placed on a garment in a particular spot), look fantastic but are more expensive to produce due to the precision and skills needed.

When our customers wear a piece from Biondi, they tell me they feel confident, sexy and comfortable. You won’t achieve this wearing run-of-the-mill swimwear so why not pop into our Chelsea Boutique and find out for yourself?