Q&A with Karla Coletto

What 3 words sum up your collection?

Bold, Fun, Modern.

Our customers say your suits are the most flattering they have ever worn, why do your designs fit so well?

I design with a mix of form, function and high fashion in mind. Every piece in the collection incorporates figure flattering details like molded cups, ruching and classic-fit comfort. Also, high quality Italian fabrics and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques—all of these things are aimed at ensuring that every woman feels fabulous in a Karla Colletto design.

What are you favourite pieces from your CR14 collection and why?

There are a couple of favorites — the halter suit from the Positive/Negative group is definitely one of them. It’s very graphic; I love the contrast of the black and white. Also, I think the collar adds something special and unique. The vest two-piece from the Contrast group is another favourite. The silhouette is sporty and scuba-like but sexy at the same time.

Where do you get your inspiration?

A few things serve as inspiration for my designs. For this collection, the groovy mid-century ambiance of Palm Springs, California played a key role in my vision.
I visualize various components of a resort scene—a desert resort, in this case. For this collection I also had a bit of “Wonderland” on my mind, the type of place that has an element of adventure.

What makes the V neck underwired suit 209 570 a best seller season after season?

I think the 209-570 is popular because it has a timeless look that is very flattering and slimming. It has ruching down the front, which adds some interest in the middle and creates a nice line down the center of the body. The ruching also provides some ‘camouflage’ in the tummy area. Another reason is that the 209-570 has great bust support—the silent underwire, thick straps, and a high back—but the V neck line is still contemporary.

What do you like about Biondi the most?

Claudine has given us a lot of brand exposure in the UK over recent years, which, as an American designer, I truly appreciate. Also, the shop is in a great location and the level of fit and style knowledge offered there is quite impressive.

What do you wear on the beach?

I love spending time on Cape Cod, but it does get a bit chilly. This season we added a group of Resortwear knits, which are perfect for the cooler New England air and incredibly comfortable to travel in. My favourite is a draped pant that I can pull on over a high neck one-piece or even a basic hip pant.

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